May 092011

How to get 5 Wildcards on Video Slotsjackpot win at 3dice

I personally have had 4 proper online jackpots playing slots at online casinos in my life, they are very rare.  Too get 5 Wildcards on a slot machine is something many players will never experience, the second least likely is 5 Scatters which i have had many times.  You can never tell when 5 wilds are going to come in but if i tell you that 3 of my 4 jackpots have come in on my first spin on a video slot with a fresh deposit you might think this would be a rather strange occurance, well its not so strange.  If you read around some forums and do some research you will find this happens alot more often that you would imagine.

Why does this happen and how can you use it as a cheat?

Its become apparent that your much more likely to win the jackpot of 5 wildcards on your first spin on a fresh deposit, by jackpot win microgaming casinothis i mean you go to a casino, make a deposit and go straight to a video slot and on your first spin you drop the jackpot.  Its also know among proffesional online slot players which slot machines pay out the jackpots more frequently that others.  Below is a list of videoslots from 3 software providers that give the 5 wilds more regularly than others .



3Dice Casino

How to use this cheat

jackpot win 3dice casino

Its very simple, if you would normally deposit £50 and play at around 0.45 per spin on slots, just log into the casino make your deposit and select one of the games mentioned above and play your first spin at a high stake, say 2.25 or 4.50 if your playing the microgamimg 9 line slots or if your playing the playtech videoslots mentioned play at 2.00 a spin.  Its also becoming known that 3Dice have the some of the most frequent 5 wildcard jackpot hits

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