Jun 142011

Fruit Machine Cheat for Online Casinos

We have written extensively on how varying your betting pattern whilst playing video slots, can influence the way the onboard random number generator calculates the wins it returns.  This system of changing your bet in cycles of play can be used to cheat the online versions of fruit machines aswell.  Both video slot and fruit machine use the same RNG system and thus it can be beaten with the same style of cheat.  If you are not familiar with this system then here is a breif explanation of how to do it, before trying it yourself below on the fruit machine Wheel of Wealth, which is a Microgaming fruit machine game found at lots of casinos like All Slots, Ladbrokes, 32Red etc..for a full list of microgaming casinos take a look here.

Varying betting patterns of fruit machines

At online casinos you have the option to increase and decrease the amount of lines you play and value of the line bet per spin, just like vegas style slot machines.  For example, if a slot has 9 lines and a minimum bet of 0.01 per spin then the minimum you can play at is 0.01 as this will be 1 line played at 0.01 per spin and the maximum could be anything up to 10.00 per line giving a maximum bet of 90.00 per spin if all 9 lines are used.  What you need to do to win is keep changing your beting pattern every 10 – 20 spins, we suggest you change the coin value and not the amount of lines you play, always play the maximum lines, if its a 20 line machine, play 20 lines always but keep changing the bet per line amount.  The way we do it, is to start playing at between 1.50 – 2.00 per spin and then after 10 spins drop the bet between 0.50 – 1.00 for 15 spins, then jumping up to 4.50 a spin for 5 spins before coming back down to where we started at 1.50 – 2.00 per spin and carrying on alternating between these pattrens.

Try it out below for free

Tip – Hit the expert button to bring up the advanced options and use the + – buttons to change your coin value

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