Apr 042011

How to play perfect Jacks or Better Video Poker

Ok so not really a cheat like the rest of the guides on this site but this is a great way to win money from online casinos.  Video Poker along with Blackjack are the only games where you can play to a real 99.96 average.  So in theory you can play video poker using this guide without dropping your balance too low before getting the Royal Straight Flush.  To use this guide you have to put the time in.  You will get the Royal stright flush using this cheat but it could take some hours, it will be worth it.  We suggest you use maximum coin value of 5 coins and this only works for Jacks or Better. If you havent played this version of Video Poker then you can play at 32Red, Spin Palace, Mummys Gold, 3Dice Casino etc..

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The Jacks or Better Video Poker Cheat

Have this page loaded up and on your screen, minimised so you can see the video poker screen of the casino and the table below easily, Windows 7 is great for this with its split screen feature, or just print of a copy of the table and follow it.  You must follow this guide exactly as it says so first go to the options menu in the video poker jacks or better and disable any kind of autohold or autoplay feature that may be set up by default and jump in and cheat your way to the royal stright flush.

Jacks or Better Video Poker Guide
Initial Video Poker HandCards to HoldCards to Discard
Royal Straight Flush50
Straight Flush50
4 of a Kind41
4 Cards to a Royal Straight Flush41
Full House50
3 of a Kind32
4 Cards to a Straight Flush41
Two Pairs41
A Pair of Jacks or a Higher Pair23
3 Cards to a Royal Straight Flush32
4 Cards to a Flush41
Ten - jack - Queen - King (Unsuited)41
A Pair of 10's or lower23
Nine - Ten - Jack - Queen (unsuited)41
Eight - Nine - Ten - Jack (unsuited)41
Nine - Jack - Queen (Same suite)32
Nine - Ten - Queen (Same Suite)32
4 Cards to a Straight - open ended - no high Cards41
3 Cards to a Straight Flush, two gaps, two high cards32
3 Cards to a Straight Flush, one gap, one high card32
3 Cards to a Straight Flush, open ended , no high cards32
Jack - Queen - King - Ace (Unsuited)32
2 Cards to a Royal Straight Flush, two high cards23
4 Cards to a Straight, one gap, three high cards41
3 Cards to a straight flush, one gap, no high cards32
Jack - Queen - King (Unsuited)32
2 High Cards (Unsuited). If you have 3 high cards don't keep an ace.23
2 Cards to a to a Royal Flush with a 10 and no Ace23
1 High Card14
3 cards to a Straight Flush, Two gaps, no high Cards32
Other Video Poker Hands05

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