Jul 012012

All online casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players, mostly in the form of a 100% match on your first deposit. These bonuses usually always come with wagering requirements, also called play through requirements. We are sure you already understand that these bonuses, and their wagering requirements, stop you from withdrawing any winnings before the play through is met (it’s usually 30 times the bonus and deposit amount).
There is however, an online casinos that offers a welcome bonus that is rather unique, in terms of how it can be used to a players advantage. It’s called the clear play bonus and it’s offered by All Slots Casino.  All Slots is a Microgaming Casino that does not accept US players. UK and European residents are free to sign up.

The Clear Play Bonus System Explained

The way this bonus works, and how it can be used to gain an advantage over the casino, is that you are able to withdraw any amount held in your cash balance, at any time, even before the wagering requirements are met, but by doing so you forfeit the bonus balance. The trick is to use the bigger balance that the bonus gives you, to play on the high variance video slots (see below) at a per spin amount of between 2.25 and 4.50. The high variance slots often pay out very well when you are playing on a new casino account. You are trying to get your cash balance up high enough so that you can easily make the wagering requirements and cash out all your winnings, including the bonus balance. If you are unable to get your balance up to a respectable level, you can simply ‘cut your loses’ and cash out. Below are a few examples of how this scenario can be played out at All Slots Casino.

How to Play the Casino Bonus to Your Advantage

When you sign up at All Slots Casino and make a first deposit, you can claim a 100% match bonus. The maximum you can claim is £200, for example, you deposit £200 and then claim the 100% bonus by using the claim page on the casino website, or by doing so in the lobby of the download casino. We are going to use a deposit of £200 as an example here, so this gives you a balance of £400. You can start by playing any of the 9 line video slots, they are all high variance and pay far bigger wins per spin than the other video slots on offer. We find the best results on Ladies Night, Thunderstruck and Spring Break.

scenario 1

Play at the bets per spin amount mentioned above and try getting your balance up above £1000 before moving to the 20 and 30 line slots. These slots play low variance and will allow you to easily make what ever wagering requirements are left on the bonus balance. If you find yourself having a bad run and your balance dropping, for example, you get your balance up to around £600, but then start on a losing run which sees your balance dropping before you are near to fulfilling the wagering requirements. At this point you can withdraw your cash balance funds and forfeit the bonus money. This way, you will have lost nothing.

Scenario 2

Another way this can play out, is that you start losing from the start, and find yourself down by £100 very early. You can at this point, cut your loses and cash out your remaining cash balance, which will be £100 (the whole balance would be £300, but minus the £200 bonus leaves £100 to withdraw).
If you do decide to cut your loses and withdraw your cash balance, make sure you do not go over and try to withdraw any of the bonus balance funds, as the casino could use the T&C’s to stall your withdrawal.