Aug 302012

Want to know whats beneath the foil of a Scratch Card before you scratch? Impossible right? Nope!! You can do this at Online Scratch Card Sites with a little knowledge of the back end workings of a website .  Awesome!! Im Rich Right? ..well not exactly.  Before we explain this little trick or hack, you need to understand how these Scratchcard sites work.

How Scratch Cards Work Online

What is cool about this trick, is that although it cant be done on slots or other complex casino games, it can be applied to online scrachcards.  The win you are going to receive is already determined when you click the ‘Start’ or ‘Play’ button, very similar to how online slots work, where the win is determined when you hit the spin button, everything else is just a fancy animation.  So when you select the scratchcard game, and stake per scratch amount, the game is loaded and the RNG stops on a win combinations.  At this point, the win is determined.  You can either start scratching one block at a time, or click the ‘Scratch All’ button.  To see what win hidden beneath the foil, follow the instructions below -

How to Hack Scratch Cards Online using FireBug

If you know what Firebug is and how to use it, this will be pretty easy to follow.  If you dont know, then it can be tricky.  Firebug is an addon for Firefox, the web browser.  It allows you to analyse the websites coding in real time.  We are going to use firebug to read the output the site sends in real time to show us the winning positions of the symbols

*NoteThis is not illegal, or a hack if used to see the outcome of a pre determined win.  We have not used this method with any success to defraud an online scratchcard site and we do not advise anyone to try and use this method to influence the outcome of a game for real money.

Using firefox with firebug installed, start by visiting a scratch card site and either sign up for an account and play real money, or use a no deposit bonus that many scratch sites offer to test this. We have a few listed below.  Load up a scratch game, we have used Bejeweled Scratch Card game, found at Jackpot Joy, as an example.

1.Select bet amount and click to start
2.Right click on the game and select ‘inspect with firebug’
3.Click on the ‘Net’ tab
scratchcard trick screenshot

4.Scroll to the last line of code and select it
5.Click the ‘Response’ Tab
6.Copy and paste the code into notepad
scratch card trick screenshot 2
7.You can now see the wins and in which position they will come.
scratch card trick screenshot 3
8.The Video Below should help explain…

Try it using a Free Bonus

There are some great Scratch Card sites online, and many of them are offering no deposit bonuses to try out the games.  Some of the best are below -

safari scratchcard site