Jun 042011

The day you play online casinos does affect the payout percentage

Although the casino will have you believe that all slot games, roulette and card games are completely random, its a well know fact amongst professional slot players and full time online gamblers that the day of the week you play at a casino affects the way a casino pays out.  Think for a minute about how online casinos operate and think about the payout percentages they advertise on their websites, for example, 32Red casino boast of a payout percentage of around 96-98%.  These percentages are audited and checked by third party unbiased governing bodies so they are accurate and fair, but how can i casino keep these averages so consistent?

Casinos are at their busiest on the weekends!!!

Especially friday and saturday evenings with sunday midday also being very busy.  When a casino is  busy, it is taking money, alot of money.  The biggest profits are shown over the weekends, especially the first weekend of a new month as people have just got paid.  The days following the weekend sees the slots and video poker loosen up and start to pay to a much higher percentage, around 180%-200% in some cases when they have had a good weekend because the casino has to get its averages back on track.

So What Days are Best to Play Online Casinos

We have found mondays to be a really poor time to play online slots, never play on a mondays.  The weekends are not great as the casinos are playing quite tight.  The best days to gamble online are Tuesday and Wednesday.  We have tried this out in many caisnos over the years like Spin Palace, Mummys Gold, Jackpot City etc and have consistently seen better results and a much higher payout percentage on the slot machines most noticeably.   The advice we can give you is not to stop playing on the weekends but if you have lost heavy on the friday evening, dont try and chase your loses untill the following tuesday and wednesday.

Which Casinos to Play on What Day

Below is by no means a clear cut definative guide to which casino to play on which day.. But we have noticed the casinos below perform better on these days listed.  Please just use this as a guide, its simply what we do

MondayWinner CasinoPlaytech
£10 FreeUK10FREE
TuesdayJackpot CityMicrogaming£500 Double Bonus
TuesdaySpin PalaceMicrogaming
TuesdayPiggs CasinoMicrogaming
WednesdayPrestige CasinoPlaytech€1500 Free Play
WednesdayWin PalaceRTG$10 FreeWP10CHIPS
ThursdaySupercasinoPlaytech£10 FreeSUPER10
ThursdayMummys GoldMicrogaming
Friday/SatMr GreenNetEnt10 Free Spins
Friday/SatLucky NuggetMicrogaming20 Free Spins
SundaySlots JungleRTG$20 FreeGET20CHIPS

  3 Responses to “When is the Best Time to Play Online Casinos”

  1. i found that the slots play better mid week but their is no way this can be true, casinos cant alter the way the slots play, that would be breaking the law and they would be found out.

  2. How do you think casinos can have their payout percentages audited on a monthly basis by independent bodies? Casinos do not alter the way a machine, slot, roulette game etc plays but the software that runs the games will change the rate of payout if alot has been won over a few days. If the casino is paying out to around 120% for example between monday and thursday, then the software, the RNG, will tighten up towards the weekend. Thats just a simple example but the real question is whether its just the stand alone casino that changes it payout percentage, or is it over the whole brand, ie the palace group, which runs several casinos, or over the whole software network(MG , Playtech etc)? We believe its only affected on the stand alone casino, so if spin palace is paying out alot, it wont affect Mummys golds payout (sister casinos)
    Sorry for the very late reply but this article is becoming more popular recently.
    Please comment people, what have you guys/girls noticed regarding payouts during the week and weekend?

  3. I noticed that the best time to play NetEnt slots are midnight and small hours.