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Get the biggest win on Happy Valley Slot at 3Dice

If you are a regular reader at the slotcheatsguide.com (sorry we havent added new material for a few weeks) you will know that we love 3Dice Casino as its easy to win there, they payout instantly in most cases and they have free tournaments that are pretty easy to win, just scroll through this category and find all the guides for 3Dice.  This cheat is to show you how to pick the maximum win on the slot machine Happy Valley, at the moment 3dice have renamed this slots Bellevue, dont ask us why, but its the same slot just instead of horses as the theme they have greyhounds.  3Dice like to change the look of their slot machines from time to time to keep the place fresh.  The cheat here is to know how to pick the best choice of free spins.

Free Spin Feature Choice on Happy Valley slot

When you hit at least 3 scatters anywhere on the reels on Happy Valley (Bellevue) you will enter the free spins game which looks like below.

bellevue slot free spin feature


The choice is of 16 spins at x3 multiplier, 12 spins at x4 multiplier, 8 spins at x6 and 6 spins at x8 multiplier.  From playing this game alot we have come up with the system to pick the best free spins combination to yield the biggest payout everytime. The general rule is to pick the maximum spins at 16 with x3 multiplier when you hit 3 scatters from a normal run of play, ie when you havent increased or decreased your bet/spin value or havent hit a big win just before the feature triggers.  But if any of the following sequences of play occur follow the choice we have listed for that scenario below.

  • After a big straight win – If you trigger the feature within 5 spins of getting a straight win of high paying symbols, ie the binoculars or trophys, you should take the 8 spins at x 6
  • After you have increased your bet amount – if you are playing at 0.90 per spin and you increase your spin bet to 2.40 for example and hit the scatters you should take the 12 spins at x 4
  • After you have decreased your bet amount – if you are playing at 0.90 per spin and you drop your bet level down to say, 0.15, you should take the 6 spins at x 8
  • When you hit 4 or 5 scatters – We have found that when you select 8 spins at x 6 the 4 scatters come in again and give a big win and retrigger the feature, we have seen this happen many times but only at 8 spins at x 6
  • After a long losing run – always go for the max spins to try and play through the bad run, 16 spins at x3

Try this guide and let us know how you get on by commenting below.  If you dont have an account with this casino then check out 3Dice Casino now

3dice casino

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