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How to place the biggest roulette bet at an online casino

This is a great way to get some big payoffs from a online roulette table.  This system is all about placing bets around the number 2 when playing American roulette as it has a 0 and 00.  The cheat is all about playing the table to high variance and getting a big payout from one bet.  We use this cheat at 3Dice casino and Titan casino.  You need a bankroll of at least £100 to make this profitable so use a bonus that casinos are offering if you need to but watch out for terms and conditions of playthrough requirements that some casinos have for playing roulette with a welcome bonus.

The roulette cheat explained

first bets on roulette table Select the $£1 chip and place 2 chips on the number 2, 2 chips on the single 0 and 2 chips on the double 00.
second bet in roulette system Next you want place 2 chips on the split bet between the 0 and 00, then place 2 chips each on the street bets which are on the bottom corners of the number 2.
third stage in roulette system The final stage of the bet is to place 4 chips on the street bet which is inbetween the last 2 street bets and then 2 chips each on the remaining corners of the number 2.  Your all set to win big, just click spin and then keep hitting rebet to reset the chips again for the next bet.
the biggest roulette win online The great thing about betting on roulette this way is you can cover your bets when the 2 doesnt come in as the 0 , 00 and anything around the 2 will still pay big. When the number 2 hits just keep going, you can increase your bet by adding a few extra chips on top but keep the ratios the same and just go till you get a run of wins. We saw this hit 5 times in a row at Spin Palace.
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  4 Responses to “Online Roulette Cheat to get Maximum Win”

  1. These are the results of this cheat playing at 3Dice in FUN MODE:
    35 21 28 6 3 18 27 34 21 14 26 35 7 22 10
    I don’t get it.What’s the Magic to Cover all around number 2 ,0,and 00?

  2. This is a method of betting to get the biggest win from America roulette in a short time, the idea is to get on a short streak of wins that pay very big, then you get out and start again, over time ofcourse the percentage will work against you but because you are hitting the rng with very high varinace style of bet, you can get great results quickly. Just a quick note on Free Play, Microgaming casinos like ladbrokes and spin palace play exactly the same in fun and real mode but alot of other casinos do not, RTG is known for being very loose on free mode and we are pretty confident that 3Dice does aswell.

  3. Really?
    I haven’t seen yet any of the resultst,at others Casinos like Ladbrokes and 32 Red Casino,along others RIGGED Casino Rewards like iBig,Nostalgia.
    Something like this:






    2,4,6,8,10(THIS IS NOT RANDOM AT ALL!).

    According to this,I will never play at Ladbrokes and 32 Red Casino.
    Well William Hill Club is the worst one:30 BLACKS in a row, the same number that appear 5 times?

    Thanks again guys.

  4. 15, 17, 35 ,20 ,35 ,1, 30, 33, 18, 23, 20, 15 : results @ 3dc