Feb 052013

Howdy Slot Cheaters..Its been a while since we’ve added a cheat for Microgaming Slots, mainly because we have been spending our time playing Net Entertainment casinos (and winning big), but we received a tip from a hardcore slot cheater who will only lets us refer to him as ‘Dave1888′.  He sent us a system for playing the MG slot ‘Big Kahuna’.  We tested it, and found it does produce some very interesting and noticeable results.  Below is dave1888′s Big Kahuna Slot Cheat.

Get the Masks Bonus Feature on Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna is a 9 line video slot that has 2 main bonus features.  One is the Volcano bonus, the other is the Mask bonus.  Both are ‘Pick a Win’ features.  The goal of this system is to get the Mask bonus round, as it hits often, and pays a good return to stake amount.

mask bonus round 1

The cheat used to gain an advantage on this slot is to only bet on 3 pay lines.  Dave1888 says best results are seen when playing at bet per spin amounts of around 3 x 10p and 3 x 60p, but we tested it at larger stakes of 3 x 2.50p per spin and saw good results.

mask round 2

The reason this cheat seems to work is down to Big Kahuna being a pretty high variance slot machine which pays high on the bonus feature, but the feature can be harder to come by.  Playing at only 3 lines reduces your bet size but doesnt affect the pay out on the mask bonus round.

mask bonus 3

Big Kahuna ‘Mask Cheat/System’ Recap

So to sum this guide up…Play at 3 lines only.  Your going for the mask bonus feature.  The volcano feature does hit sometimes but doesnt really pay at a good rate.  This system also works on other skins of the game you find in Microgaming casinos.  So look for the 9 line machines with ‘Pick a Win’ features and try your luck at one of the following -


Dont forget, this is a guide and a theory only! No sysytem is proven and no responcibility for loses will be taken by any members of ‘The Slot Cheats Guide ‘ team..


Thanks to Dave1888 for providing this Cheat..Tweet your thanks to him at https://twitter.com/coolbhoy1888