Apr 032011

How to Cheat Microgamings Tally Ho Slot

tally ho fee spin big winIts no secret among professional slot players that the 9 line video slot Tally Ho is a very high variance slot machine and its one of our top picks to win big on.  The great thing about tally ho is that its very easy to read the run of play, for example, if you log into a microgaming casino that has this slot like Spin Palace, Mummys Gold or UK Casino Club and make a deposit and go straight to Tally Ho video slot and start playing, we can be certain that 9 times out of 10 you will not get a win for the first 5 spins but then within the next 2 to 5 spins you will get 2 scatter symbols or a 3 line pay of little value.  How does this help you to cheat the machine?  Well all you need to do is set your betting pattern according to these sequences of pays.  What we do when playing Tally Ho is to start on this video slot first before playing other games with a fresh deposit and set our bet to the minimum 0.09 and play 5 spins, when youve played 5 bets/spins hit the max bet button taking you up to 0.90 and spin till you get a win, make one more spin, if you get a win keeping spinning at 0.90 till you get 2 losing spins in a row then put the bet back down to minimum for 5 spins and repeat. You will find some really interesting results because the onboard RNG computer is trying to determine your level of play and how much to payout to you.  We often see massive hits on Tally Ho using this method

Where to Play Tally Ho Video slots

These casinos offer the slot Tally Ho and you can get a great welcome bonus to on sign up