May 302011

How to Cheat ThunderStruck II Slot Machine

It has taken us a while to find a good cheat for Thunderstruck 2, we have one that works for the original Thunderstruck 9 line videslot, you can view it here.  If you are not familiar with thunderstruck 2, it is one the greatest videoslots available online and it comes from Microgaming powered casinos like 32Red, Spin Palace, Ladbrokes and All Slots Casino.  The game is very different to the first version which is played on 9 lines with one feature, the freespins feature, and is one of the most used slot machines by proffesional slot players becuase of its very high variance.

The Thunderstruck 2 Cheat

We have the thunderstruck 2 slot below for you to try this cheat on before you take it to a real online casino.  The cheat is a  method called coin value switching and it is done as follows.  First make a deposit at an MG casino like All Slots casino and go to the thunderstruck II slot which is located under videoslots and do the following

  • Click Expert on the bottom nav menu
  • Click Options which is located on the same nav bar to the left and check the ‘Quickspin’ box and click ok
  • Set the Coin Value to 0.01, this is the circular graphic to the right of the credits box
  • Set the coins per spin, located to the right of the spins box, to 5.  Giving you a spin per game of 1.50

You are now set to use this cheat

Now you need to make 100 spins at this bet amount of 1.50 per spins, you can set the autoplay feature to do this and sit back and wait, dont be tempted to change or alter the play pattern.  After you have made 100 spins change the Coin Value from 0.01 to 0.02 and make 20 spins at this bet.  After 20 spins drop it back to 0.01 for 50 spins.  This is when you will see the cheat work, up the coin value to 0.5 and go for it.  What should be happening is that you have triggered the feature a few times building your bonus platform so when you get to the higher coin value it will hit a huge streak of features and pays big.

Try the cheat below

You can try this cheat at these great Casinos

  8 Responses to “Thunderstruck 2 Video Slot Cheat”

  1. ok but what happens when you trigger the feature or wildstorm, what do you do then??

    • It doesnt change things, the wildstorm feature is irrelevant and triggering the feature before you get up to the higher coin value will just help in increasing your bonus feature level

    • pls do not believe this guys.
      The slot machine is run by a bot and there is no such thing as a cheat for it. Its not like you are playing pokemon and by entering A+B plus left right left left or something you can get a pikachu that dissapears up Ash his ass or something.

  2. Great post. Thanks for the helpful cheat sheets. Now maybe I’ll get my head wrapped around this stuff. Probably not, but it’s a goal. Gotta have them goals.

  3. At the point where you raise the bet 0.5 apx how many games should be played as go for it can encompass a lot or a few games ive tried this system btw and it worked 3/5 times on mg casinos ..but there was a variance with different casinos .. does the jackpot effect the system you describe in any way ?

  4. As it seems this site is made to lure people into depositing and losing theyre money on the casino.

    There is no such thing as ”making the rng choose” or any other bull crap you are advertising.
    I am not shy on money so i tested all the system or so called cheat you are spreading and 1 by one they failed several times on REAL MONEY casino posted above.

    I suggest anyone looking for a system should be shot in the head immediatly because :

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING! would like to remind all off you that a casino is checked once in a while but there is a massive corruption on pay outs so pls if ya wanna gamble go to a real live casino and put 100$ on red and see what happens, if you win be happy, if you lose go home and clean up your room.

    but pls do not believe this guy as for he has no proof, thank you very much peeps.

  5. what I’m gonna do is try this cheat out on a tournament and see what happens the 20min thunderstruck 2 tourn should do the trick!

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