Nov 072012

We turned a starting casino balance of £100 at Harry Casino, and turned it into £3000 playing ‘Starburst’.  It took us just over 30 minutes and Harry Casino paid the winnings out within 48 hours.  It was only our second deposit at this casino and we did not select a bonus for this deposit.  Below is the guide of how we did it..

About Starburst Video Slot

Starburst is a relatively new slot game from the folks at Net Entertainment.  Its available in all good Net Ent powered casinos like Mr Green, Casino Luck and Harry Casino.  The game has no real bonus feature or free spin game with multiplier, which we normally go for.  The reason we took a shot at Starburst was due to an email we received from a fan of this site claiming he had hit a single win of over £5000 playing at £2.00 per spin.  This is pretty impressive so we gave it a look and were very surprised at how quickly it goes on a streak..

How we hit £3000 on Starburst

Start off by setting the machine to fast play, disable animations and put the game quality down to low.  This makes the game play faster and smoother.  You can find these settings under the tab on the bottom right hand side of the game screen.

We start off playing at £3.00 per spin and begin to see the star symbol dropping in on the middle reels..The star symbol turns the whole column wild and gives 1 free spin while holding the wild card column.  If you hit another star on this free spin, the reels respin holding the wildcards in place.  The idea is to get all 3 star on reels 2,3 and 4.  The wildcards dont appear on reels 1 and 5. Below is the video of us getting a feel for the game and getting our balance up from £100 to £200.

StarBurst Slot Video 1 – £100 up to £200

StarBurst Slot Video 2 – £500 up to £800

We upped our bet per spin size from £3.00 to £10.00 after we got above £200 and we hit a win to get us up to £500 shortly after.  We then got a few wins including a straight on the red emeralds, which quickly got our balance up to over £800

StarBurst Slot Video Part 3 – £1000 to £3000

After we hit over the £800 mark, we raised our bet per spin to £20 a spin from £10 per spin.  We then hit a run of wildcard wins which seriously started bringing in the credit fast.  Within 2 minutes we had won over £2000.  The video below is the last in the series and we withdrew shorty after.

When playing NetEnt slots, try using the following tips to increase your chances of winning

  1. Turn off all animations, sound and enable play/fast mode
  2. Set the Coin Value as high as you can and use the Bet Level to change your stake
  3. Start off playing at a stake you feel comfortable at then increase on the back of big wins
  4. When you hit a big win, cash out and wait a few days before returning to the same casino

You can find Starburst video slot in the following Net Entertainment casinos.

  4 Responses to “Starburst Slot | £100 to £3000 Win | Net Entertainment Slots”

  1. How you are so lucky i cant understand! :S I have tried and tried but no wins :(
    (sorry my english)…

    • Hi Heino, Its not luck if you really start to understand how the casinos work..thats what this site is about, trying to give you more information on the inner workings of online casinos to make you a better player..remember though..only play if you can afford to lose…never play casinos as a get rich quick scheme..

  2. Do you guys think that 100% working roulette systems exist ? I found one on
    youtube and looks promising, dude on that video wins all the time, if you want to
    check this vid just search on youtube for “Roulette system by Bettooree”
    I will try this system tomorrow

    • Its the Martingale system
      stay away from it mate…you will easily get 10 loses in a row and go from a £1 bet to over £100 to cover alway end up getting in to deep to cover the bet and lose…in theory it makes sense, but in reality, it doesnt, what happens when the 0 comes in? or 00, if your on an american table?