May 182012

We have been playing most of the new Net Entertainment slots as they are released to find the ones that have the highest variance and pay out the biggest wins.  Usually its the slots with a free spin features including a multiplier and re-trigger chance such as Gonzo’s Quest.  We managed to over look a slot game called Victorious which has a 15 free spins feature with a x3 multiplier and re-trigger chance.  As most pro slot players already know,  Net Entertainment slots pay very big wins during free spins, bigger than MG and Playtech.  Below is a video of one of our contributors playing Victorious at Mr Green Casino.  As we mention in previous guides, you should start out on NetEnt slots by playing at a smaller bet size then increase on the back of wins by around x5.  If you are playing at $2.00 per spin, then you would increase your bet size to $10.00 per spin off the back of good wins.  Check out the vid below of us hitting the free spin feature at €10.00 per spin.  We hit around €700 off the feature after getting the starter balance of €100 up to around €500 then increasing the bet level.

Victorious Slot Free Spin Feature Win

Net Entertainment Slot Tricks and Tips

When playing NetEnt slots, try using the following pointers

  1. Turn off animations, sound and enable quick play/fast mode
  2. Set the Coin Value as high as you can and use the Bet Level to change your stake
  3. Start off playing at a stake you feel comfortable at then increase by x5 on the back of good wins
  4. When you hit a big win, cash out and wait a few days before returning to the same casino

You can find Gonzos Quest in the following Net Entertainment casinos