May 142011

How to get the Random Jackpot at RTG Casinos

What is Real Time Gaming’s Real Series Random Jackpot

random jackpot on raindance

Whe you play at a Real Time Gaming casino or RTG for short, you have a choice of what type of slot machine to play on.  The best are the Real Series Slot machines.  All RTG casinos have this range of slot machines and they all come with a random jackpot feature that can be triggered at any time, thats what they say anyway.  The random jackpot can range from $1000 all the way up to over $10,000+ .  Some examples of Real series slots are Raindance, Goldbeard and Ronin.  Their are over 100+ games to choose from all with its own random jackpot.


How to cheat and win the jackpot

By its very name, random jackpot, implies that it is triggered at random and can be won at any stake, bet or coin value but we know this isnt true.  I have won 1 real series jackpot in my time playing at online casinos which was at Aladdins Gold, which is an excellent, well run RTG casino.  The way i did it was to start with a deposit of $100 (all rtg casinos use dollars as their playing currency, except Club UK) and i took a 100% match bonus giving me $200 to start playing with and a hefty wagering requirment to make before i could cash out.  I started playing Goldbeard at $1.00 a spin till i hit a big run of features and free spins, within 30 minutes my balance was up to $6,500 and i was flying on a hot winning streak.  At this point i moved to Raindance real series slot and increased my bet to $10 per spin and whilst on turbo mode, i went a bit mad and went on a losing streak and lost over $4,000 putting me back down to around $2,000.  I moved to the slot Ronin and just went for it at $20 a spin, within 5 spins the random real series jackpot triggered, i won $9,856.  I had made the playthrough requirements easily by know and cashed out.

Why the random jackpot triggered and how to force the jackpot

how to win the real series jackpot

What this tells us is that random jackpots work very much like any other win, if the slot machine is breaking the law, by this i mean not paying to its percentage of 94-98% then it has to make this up, and one of the ways is to trigger a random jackpot.  You could use this as a cheat but you would have to have a big balance to try it out.  If you are a high roller player and go to a RTG casino that offers high roller bonuses like Aladdins Gold, you could make a big deposit, get a big match bonus and go for it at a high stake, say $10 a spin and you would have a very good chance of hitting the jackpot becuase the RNG onboard computer would identify you as a big gambler and so would be more likely to give you a massive slots win knowing that you would continue playing a lose it back, you just need to keep your head and withdraw it all.


We know that you cant trigger the random jackpot on RTG slots by playing at small stakes.  You cant win the jackpot by having small fluctuations in your balance.  You have to play at big stakes.  You should use a high roller bonus.  You have to have big fluctuations in your balance to confuse the onboard RNG computer.

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  1. I won the a real series jackpot at Coolcat casino (rubbish) with a no deposit bonus, i was just trying to make the playthrough and i got my balance from the $50 no deposit up to $3000+ and i was playing at $10 a spin when it hit, obviously they wouldnt pay it, they only pay 2x the bonus amount but they did payout out the $100, but still would never play at any of the virtual group casinos for real money

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  4. So how often have you tried that strategy and have won?

    • This isnt really a strategy, more of an example as to how random jackpots arent really random and can be forced, but its not really worth trying to be honest.

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