Apr 252011

How to win at RTG casino slots

This is not a cheat specific to a certain slot like the Goldbeard cheat for rtg casinos, but more of a set of rules and a guide that when followed will increase your odds of winning. These are as follows

Dont play RTG Casinos for fun, ever. You use these casinos to win big, really big, when the slots that we list below go on a streak of wins they pay wins alot bigger than Microgaming, Playtech or any other casinos we can think of. They also give you less play time and when there playing badly, they really hit you hard.

Play on TURBO MODE always. This stting can be found by going into the options menu in the right hand corner of the real series slot you are playing and checking the ‘TURBO PLAY’ button. RTG video slots can be a bit slow and you are here to get in, win and get away after. So always check this option.

We stick to playing five real series slot games that you can find at all RTG Casinos. These are GOLDBEARD, GREENLIGHT, RAINDANCE, HILLBILLIES and PRINCE OF SHERWOOD. These 5 slots have the payout that is most consistent over time.

The way to play is to deposit at least £50 and use a ‘bonus code’ or welcome offer that is current, check our ‘RTG bonus page‘ and go to one of the slots mentioned above, for example Raindance, and set your bet to 0.60 per spin and play till you start getting the freespin features and then increase your bet to 2.00 per spin and keep increasing till you get to a decent balance and have made the Wagering Requirments. If the real series slots are playing poorly just move on to one of the others in the list.  Play on till you have reached at least £500 and then cashout.