About us


How does this site work?

What we are trying to do here is to explain how slots, video poker, fruit machines and pretty much all casino games are not random.  You can learn the tricks and cheats to make you a more profitable player.   We understand that you dont have years to learn the systems and you cant afford to lose your money.  We have been there and done it and we are sharing some of our tips and tricks, guides and strategies to beat casinos.  Look around the site and find the right cheat that works for you, choose your casino from the site that offers a good bonus and try out the system, Let us know how you got on, you can contact us

Why bother to tell us? We should be living large.

Well to be honest, its not as profitable as you might think.   As a new player using these fruit machine and video poker cheats you will start making money quickly, but after time, say a year you start to see the casinos claw back at you and start playing to their real average and there is no way around this but to find a new casino.  Problem with this is that their are only soo many online casinos and groups that are worth playing at.  The ones listed on this site are safe and payout and you will have no issues using these guides at them.

How much do we have to pay for these cheats?

We are not selling ebooks or any mail order cheating equipment, this site is just a hobby that i started myself and some online friends were keen to help out and share their guides and strategies.  The information is FREE and so it always should be.  If you would like to submit a cheat or guide just contact us